Medicare Advantage Questions During Enrollment
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Questions to Ask When Enrolling in Medicare Advantage
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Key Points:

1.Choice of doctor
2.Ease of access to specialists without unexpected bills
3.Coverage away from home
4.Prescription drug coverage
5.Does the plan works with Medicaid if enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan
6.Can you use your current doctors?
7.Are your doctors in the plan’s network and are they taking new patients?

When Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan you need too:

• Understand what hospitals you can use and how much it
will cost to be admitted to a hospital.
• Understand which doctors you can visit and how much it
will cost you to see a doctor.
• Understand how much you will pay for outpatient services and procedures.
• Understand how much your medications will cost you during
the course of an entire year.

Questions to ask a Medicare Advantage Representative

1. What type of plan is your program: PPO, HMO, Private-Fee-for-Service, Special Needs Plan?

2. Tell me what each plan does for me for the following:
• What is my monthly health plan premium each month?
• What is my monthly drug plan premium each month?

3. These are my medications. How much will these medicines cost me each month?

4. Will I have a gap in coverage for my medications and what will I pay for my medications during the gap?
How many months will I be in the coverage gap?

5. How much will it cost me to see my doctors? Are my
doctors currently contracted with this plan?

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Consider a few key points when enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan.
Medicare Advanatge Questions
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